What is ARMA 3?

Arma 3 is an advanced combat simulator created by Bohemia Interactive. You can play in various roles on servers with dozens of other players. At Allurium Gaming we play many types of Arma from fast paced action to slow and steady. Below you can find some information about some of the game styles we play.

  • King Of The Hill – This is the gold standard of FPS games. Seize, Control, & Defend.
  • Wasteland – Fast, squad based combat.
  • Invade and Anex – Work with others in a role-play environment to take CPU hostiles out.
  • Life – Play as an underworld criminal making money of drugs or as a bounty hunter working with the cops to bring villains to justice.

ARMA 3 at Allurium Gaming

Simply put Allurium Gaming enjoys playing most styles that Arma 3 has to offer. If you are interested in joining us for a game you can connect with us on If you like what you see here and are interested in joining the community click here to apply. Allurium Gaming plans on having it’s own ARMA 3 servers in the future that appeals to the majority of the gaming community.

Buying ARMA 3

If you wish to buy this game, (which we suggest you definitely do!) You can buy a copy by clicking here or at G2A.