ALG Community Rules

Allurium Gaming

Allurium Gaming Community Rules

This document serves as the official rules list for the online community Allurium Gaming, located at

The rules listed here, apply to all mediums of the community including the forums, game and voice servers. Rules within a specific medium of the community apply only within their respective parts. Rules that are not explicitly defined here do not apply/exist. The interpretation of a rule is up to the most senior administrator in the community. Rules can be added or removed at any time, a website notification will be given when such changes occur. These rules apply to everyone that uses a service provided by Allurium Gaming and that person hereby accepts that they have read these rules and have understood them.

Section I (General Community Rules)

  1. Show/Give respect.
    a. Racism or Bigot behavior is prohibited.
    b. Insulting behavior is not tolerated.
  2. Spamming is not allowed.
  3. Provoking or Inspiring others to commit malicious activities is prohibited.
  4. Posting illegally obtained software/copyrighted material is prohibited.
  5. Posting a user’s personal information without their consent is prohibited.
  6. Moderators/administrators cannot trade support or purchase/sell support for any material.
  7. Trying to steal another user’s personal information in any malicious form will be deemed a threat to the community.
  8. Impersonating a member of leadership or another community member is strictly forbidden (even as a joke).  Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the Discord server, forums, steam group and the community.
  9. Admins decision is final but members are allowed to appeal though the appeal process.
  10. Sexual harassment against another member or nonmember is not tolerated.
  11. A users Display name must reflect the users forum name.
  12. Hacking of any type and the discussion of participating in illegal activity is prohibited.
    a. Allurium Gaming follows the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Laws and policy’s.
  13. No advertising unless given permission by an Allurium founder.
    a. This includes but is not limited to: Other communities, Personal youtube/twitch channels and/or products that lead to self gain.

Section II (Forum Rules)

  1. As an English message Board, English is required.
  2. Any NSFW images/videos cannot be embedded and links must have appropriate disclaimers.
  3. Post threads in their appropriate location.
  4. Attempt to read a thread entirely before posting.

Section III (Community bans Processes)

  1. A total of 3 Strikes (since 15/03/17) are permitted before a member is banned permanently from the community.
  2. A Strike comes from any of Allurium Gaming’s mediums:
    a. Any bans exceeding 1 day in length from Allurium Gaming’s Game Servers
    b. Any bans exceeding 1 day in length from Allurium Gaming’s Voice Servers
    c. Any bans/infractions from Allurium Gaming’s forum
  3. Strikes expire a year from the date the infraction is obtained/given.
  4. Any user will be banned indefinitely if they are deemed a security threat.
    a. Threats include but are not limited to: Network attacks and Vulnerability Exploitation
    b. Hacking / scripts used by players are not allowed on any services provided by Allurium Gaming at all. Using these can result in a permanent ban. Some examples include, but are not limited to: Speed Scripts, Auto Aim Scripts etc.
  5. Admins have the authority to give a temporary or permanent ban on the spot in a situation they think warrants it. The appeals process is still applicable to these bans.
  6. Permanent Bans are disputable at the time of their approval (within the week).
  7. Permanent Bans are indisputable for a minimum of 6 months, excluding the initial approval time.
  8. Multiple Strikes will be gained depending on the severity of the issue.