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Allurium Gaming has a new face! We have upgraded the TS3 server so it’s faster than ever and it also has upgraded security. We have registered a new domain and have produced a brand new website for the community. This website boasts a whole host of extra plugins such as in-game integration, added member security, Steam integration and video/message sharing just to name a few.

Take a look around the website to learn more about the games we play and what role they fill in the community, how to download and connect to the new TS3 server, learn more about the team members and read about upcoming events.

Although the website is complete at the time this post was written, the technical team is always open for fresh ideas and suggestions. We already have more things planned for the future such as plugins that allow games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft to communicate with the website directly. This might allow people to see Team rosters, people’s favourite champions and much more!

The community has updated it’s rules and I would advise you read over the new guidelines, you can read them by clicking here.

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Founder of Allurium Gaming.

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